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Career Exploration Activities

This will help students raise their career awareness in various career fields which are traditional and non-traditional. Help learners to select their subject choices, competencies, degree choices, values and career interests.

  • ✔ Fun, interactive and informative career assessments
  • ✔ Career Games for primary and secondary school learners
  • ✔ Career Questionnaires
  • ✔ Career Transition for Adults
  • ✔ Subject Choices (Grade 9-10)
  • ✔ Degree Choices (Grade 11-12)
  • ✔ Career Guidance and Support (Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate Students)

Career Mentorship

students will have the option of accessing and connecting with an online career mentor who can provide additional assistance and guidance to help them to achieve their career goals.

  • ✔ Booking system for career mentors
  • ✔ Access to experts in all career fields
Bursary Information

Youths will have opportunities to access and apply to various bursary opportunities in South Africa and Abroad.

  • ✔ High School and University Bursary Opportunities Abroad (New Zealand, Britain, Ireland, America, China, Malaysia, Australia and many more.
  • ✔ Exchange Programs
  • ✔ Undergraduate
  • ✔ Postgraduate

Career Events

executed within schools and sports institutions were learners have opportunities to talk to various professionals in different industries.

  • ✔ Career workshops
  • ✔ Career camps
  • ✔ Career dress-up Days
  • ✔ Story telling

Human Resource Consultation

  • ✔ Perfomance reviews
  • ✔ Drafting job descriptions and contracts
  • ✔ Human resource advice
  • ✔ Pyschometric assessment (Competence based interview)

Sports recruitment

  • ✔ Linking student-athlete with South African and American Universities

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