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Finding the right career path is an integral part of any person’s self-identification, and that’s why early career exploration activities are so important for youths. Such activities can begin in primary school and continue up through high school. Our work help students with identifying their values, competencies, skills, subject choices, career choices and degree choices they should possess to achieve their personal career goals and then direct them to Universities, Colleges or Vocational Institutions that offer courses in their selected fields. We also direct youths to opportunities such as scholarships, bursaries, fellowships, conferences, workshops, job shadowing, internships and other opportunities that are relevant to their career choice to help them to better achieve their dreams, passion and career goals. As a company we are focused on helping youths identify and achieve their career goals, our objectives are

Career Development

To assist youths to identify and fulfil their career goals using interactive career exploration activities such as career assessments, career mentors, career events, workshops, bursary opportunities and other activities related to career awareness.

Youth Opportunities

to ensure that youths have access to the numerous opportunities both locally and internationally ranging from career development events, educational and sports scholarships, and job opportunities.

Professional Development

to assist youth with gaining meaningful professional experience through internships, mentoring and gaining access to employers and available jobs within their respective career fields.


Keys to Our Success

There are many benefits to helping students explore career opportunities through fun activities. Here are some of the benefits:
  • ✔ Establish a strong network of support with main stakeholders within the primary, secondary, tertiary, sports institutions, private and governmental sectors in South Africa and Internationally.
  • ✔ Establish a highly effective and competent team who will work on the development of the program.
  • ✔ Create a network of successful individuals in various career fields who will act as career mentors to beneficiaries.
  • ✔ Identify potential investors and partners that are able to contribute to the development and scalability of the initiative through financing and supporting us to raise career awareness. .

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